SourceAmerica Job Board

Frequently Asked Questions

The SourceAmerica Job Board connects people with disabilities seeking employment with positions available through nonprofit agencies in the SourceAmerica network. While SourceAmerica's focus is AbilityOne, positions can be posted by any employer that seeks to hire a person with a disability. Take a look at the frequently asked questions below for help navigating the site.

How do I get started on the SourceAmerica Job Board platform?

  • Log onto the Job Board and create your account using the form in the main banner. When your details are complete, an administrator will review your account for approval. Once approved, you can log in to your Employer Dashboard. Here you will notice the features available to you.

What features does our approved company have access to?

  • Candidate Database – access to our Job Board talent community, consisting of 180,000 profiles. You can search for specific keywords and various criteria, including position title, skills, experience, education, and more.
  • Job Posting – post individual positions one at a time or integrate an XML feed of your Applicant Tracking System. This allows all your open positions to be highlighted and for updates to be captured each day automatically. Your position is posted and active for 30 days unless you adjust the timing.
  • Candidate matching - candidates who fit your role are automatically shared with you.
  • Skills Translator – complex job titles, for example a military job title, are converted into easy-to-understand language through our proprietary skills translator.
  • E-Learning – access to courses that support hiring, onboarding, and retention.
  • Candidate Training – link training to open positions for candidate engagement.

How can we post positions for candidate matching?

  • Companies can post an unlimited number of positions and each one is automatically matched with candidates.

Where can I find a list of my positions?

  • Go to "Employment" and select the "My Jobs" tab from the menu or click the "See All" button on the Jobs module, also in the Employment Dashboard.

Where can I find data/metrics?

  • Select one of your positions on the Job Listings page.
    • You will see tabs at the top that provide options to view metrics.
    • Available metrics are:
      • Page Views, the number of users that have viewed your posting.
      • Applications, the number of users who clicked on the "Apply" button.
      • Candidates, the candidates who were recently matched.

How do we integrate our XML Feed?

  • When logged in, locate your company name.
    • Click the 'Manage Import Feeds' – this will take you to the XML integration tool, which includes instructions on how to set up your company's feed.
    • Once integrated, the feed will be refreshed daily, ensuring all your positions are up to date on the SourceAmerica Job Board.

Is there a limit to how many candidates I can search at any given time?

  • There is no limit. The SourceAmerica Job Board allows for an unlimited number of searches and resume downloads of potential candidates.

Can I communicate with candidates through the Job Board?

  • You can write to candidates and applicants directly from within the Job Board.
  • There are templates available for use or you can create your own communication.

If a candidate applies to our open position, can I track their application?

  • After a candidate clicks apply, they are routed to your organization's application tracking system.